Media law and Role of media in armed conflicts
calendar_month 29 Iul 2015, 00:00
ELSA summer law schools are organized like seven-day international schools on certain topics in science domains, guided by ideas which are helpful to youth in their academic, but in bussines upgrade too.Main ideas which characterize this project are knowledge expansion of students about certain law theme which is a base of entire project, education and progressional upgrade of students who participate in project, linking, at the same time, students from all over Europe because of networking as the main goal. ELSA summer law schools are held in summer, and gather approximately 40-50 participants.Inspired by this, ELSA B&H decided to start this unique project, with aim to give unique opportunity to law students from B&H and the other starters across Europe who are going to participate in this project, then to increase academic standard in B&H which did not include an opportunity of additional education on this way, and to improve reputation, structure and organization of ELSA B&H.

Course leader
About the topic on which you cannot remain indifferent you will listen from the people who were participants in war reporting, but also from those who will approach this topic in the best way

Target group
Law students and young lawyers

Course aim
In existence and development of free democratic society media has an important role. Its original role as a mere transmitter of information in modern society is outdated. The formation of public opinion is considerably dependent on both the monitoring of information and its presentation in public. Media law as a contemporary branch of law consolidates a large number of areas of law with radio and television, printed media, Internet and on-line services, various forms of entertainment, advertisements and marketing, as the subject to regulation. The interest of authority in this branch of law is significant since the trust and support of public are based on transparency and openness of decision-making process, which is provided by media. The topic of media law is very important and sensitive topic which is one of the reasons of it being selected as the topic of Second Sarajevo Summer Law School.

Fee info
EUR 210: 210 EUR includes hotel accommodation and food (three meals per day) EUR 210: 210 EUR includes hotel accommodation and food (three meals per day)

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