Molecular Logic of Life: Basic Biochemistry and Glycosylation Analysis of Glycoproteins for the Biomedical Field
calendar_month 29 Iul 2015, 00:00
The %E2%80%9CMolecular Logic of Life%E2%80%9D program%E2%80"which incorporates two major modules%E2%80"is designed to provide the participants with a fundamental knowledge of biochemistry and glycobiology, complemented with an overview of one of the most fascinating areas of biomedical sciences. The University of Debrecen will offer an opportunity to international students to acquire a deeper understanding of the highly integrated network of biochemical pathways and to have an exciting journey into the field of functional glycomics.

Course leader
Dr. Andrs Guttman, Professor of Analytical Biochemistry (Northeastern University, Boston)Dr. Jnos Kerkgyrt, Senior Research Fellow (University of Debrecen).

Target group
The two courses of the "Molecular Logic of Life" program are offered primarily to students majoring in biology, chemistry, bioengineering, chemical engineering, but it might be very useful for pharmacists and medical students as well.

Course aim
To tudy the target field, in a truly multicultural international milieu, where participants can meet and study together with people from more than 30 different cultures.

Fee info
EUR 650: Tuition, not including additional cultural activities. EUR 60: Registration fee (non-refundable)

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