PH1: Computational Ion Optics with IBSimu
calendar_month 29 Iul 2015, 00:00
The course gives an introduction to computational ion optics at low energy and specializes in the use of IBSimu code for modelling ion source extraction systems. The course will cover sources of negative and positive singly charged ions and the electron cyclotron resonance ion sources for multiply charged ions. Lectures will cover basic theory for ion optics, vacuum and high voltages. Most of the course consists of demonstrations, guided practical work and case work exercises in a computer class. A separate introductory part is intended for students with no previous experience with IBSimu.A course focused on computational ion optics with IBSimu will be organized as a part of 25th Jyv%C3%A4skyl%C3%A4 Summer School on 5-14 August 2015. The first three days (August 5-7, Wednesday to Friday) will have a separate introductory part for students with no or only a little previous experience with IBSimu. The following week (August 10-14, Monday to Friday) will contain a main part of the course.

Course leader
Lecturer: Dr. Taneli Kalvas (University of Jyvskyl, Finland)

Target group
Electromagnetism, basic ion source plasma physics and accelerator physics, basic skills in programming and computers. The Summer School annually offers courses for advanced master's students, graduate students, and post-docs in the various fields of science and information technology.

Course aim
The most important aims of the Summer School are to develop post-graduates scientific readiness and to offer students the possibility to study in a modern, scientific environment and to create connections to the international science community.

Credits info
4 ECTS Credits: 1 + 3 ECTS (Introductory part: 1 ECTS, and main part: 3 ECTS)Passing: Obligatory attendance at lectures, and completing the exercisesGrading: Pass/fail

Fee info
EUR 0: Participating the Summer School is free of charge, but student have to cover the costs of own travel, accommodation and meals at Jyvskyl.

The 25th Jyvskyl Summer School is not able to grant any Summer School students financial support. In order to ensure your participation, we recommend that you take steps to secure your own funding, for example, by turning first to your home institution

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