Profiling and Psychology of Terrorism
calendar_month 29 Iul 2015, 00:00
Terrorism - a dynamic phenomenon that has dramatically altered in nature and strength in recent years. But with human nature less variable, psychologists believe that understanding motives and rationalisations of groups as well as individuals will lead to find better solutions to cope with the problem.A valuable opportunity for professionals in policing, intelligence or security, or those researching and investigating deviant and extreme behaviour, this course will discuss in detail the history and practice of the method of criminal profiling with a focus on the unique aspect of this method in relation to terrorism.You%E2%80%99ll be exposed to interesting case studies, enriching your knowledge with the work of psychologists, investigators and criminal or terrorist profilers across the globe. You%E2%80%99ll also analyse the psychology and specific profiles of different terrorist groups, individuals and leaders to facilitate the possibility of predicting their behaviour and future conduct.With so much to explore and develop in the relatively new methods of profiling and the psychology of terrorism, this is a fascinating chance to get into the minds and operations of extreme individuals and groups. In fact, you%E2%80%99ll explore not only their conduct and attitudes, but also your own motivations and behaviour.

Course leader
Sagit Yehoshua

Target group
This course would be of interest to professionals who will have a role in policing, intelligence or security organisations, or are working in other institutions related to research, analysis or investigations of deviant and extreme behaviour, but also to those with an interest in this field.

Course aim
By the end of the course you will:- Be able to apply the different aspects of the method of profiling especially in relation to terrorism;- Be familiar with psychology of terrorism and the various applications of this method;- Be able to build a relevant profile according to different kinds of information available and to some extent predict future behaviour of the profile subject;- Get insight of the mindset and conduct of criminal as well as terrorist groups, individuals and leaders.

Fee info
GBP 1500: tuition fee only

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