Public Space
calendar_month 29 Iul 2015, 00:00
Public space is a hot topic. In recent years, the media have been full of the reconquest of physical public space as a political arena. It is, however, not only the space where protest is voiced, but above all where everyday activities find form and expression. At its best, it offers huge scope for possibilities.Salzburg as a city fluctuates annually between a "state of emergency" (the Festival season) and periods of "business as usual". Public space is one of the major platforms upon which this alternation is enacted with all its opportunities and conflicts.Participants will look at these specific phenomena of Salzburg's public space as a case study for the transformation of public space, analysing them on site. They will then plan and realise their own works in various forms %E2%80" interventions, installations, performances, etc. Here great store will be placed on learning and developing new methods, strategies, tactics and tools for dealing with public space. On the final day of the course, the realised projects will be presented to interested members of the public.During the first week, Galerie 5020 will serve the group as a home base. After that, we will work on site at the interventions.

Course leader

Target group
Anyone interested in Fine Arts and Architecture

Fee info
EUR 920: Regular participation fee EUR 680: Reduced participation fee (for enroled students)

Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts
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