Reading the Bible in Amsterdam II: Hermeneutical Approaches
calendar_month 29 Iul 2015, 00:00
What do we see when we read the Bible? Its interpretation is and always has been hotly debated. No reader of any text has a neutral position, and no text contains timeless truths that are obvious withous some form of interpretation. Modern hermeneutical approaches show how the context and interests of today's readers strongly colour their understanding of the Bible.

Course leader
Prof. Peter-Ben Smit

Target group
Students of Theology, Religious Studies, Biblical Studies, Ancient History, Philosophy and other humanities.

Course aim
You build an awareness of the role the reader plays in the use of the Bible.You acquire a knowledge of a number of hermeneutical strategies.You gain an insight into your own approach to the Bible.You acquaint yourself with the problems of biblical hermeneutics.

Credits info
2 ECTS Contact hours: 18

Fee info
EUR 475: Includes orientation and course material. Does not include housing.

The Amsterdam Summer School offers twenty scholarships of 500 for highly motivated students. The deadline to apply for a scholarship is 1 April. Application for the scholarship is part of the general online application procedure.

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