Risk Prevention and Crisis & Recovery Management
calendar_month 19 Oct 2015, 00:00
Now that crises are becoming part of every-day managerial life, the need to be prepared is becoming a duty for each hospitality and tourism organization since the 'good old' times of being able to think 'It won%E2%80%99t happen to me %E2%80%A6.' are long gone.Future leaders will have to be, more than ever before, prepared for the impact of crises and to learn to expect the unexpected so that they can prevent and pre-empt the challenges they will have to face of both natural and man-made calamities.The program aims to show future tourism industries leaders the management techniques and implementation systems of how to pro-actively consider potential risks to their destination and their own business and then plan to avoid or to handle them.

Course leader
Mr. Bert van Walbeek - Master of Disaster - The Winning Edge

Target group
All bachelor students

Course aim
demonstrate knowledge of risk management concepts and the applied principles within tourism industries like aviation, destination, hospitality and event management apply knowledge of the 4 phases of crisis management as per the PATA 4-R formula in all aspects of tourism industries' crisis operation and communication evaluate case studies of previous tourism crisis and learn from the past how to prepare, prevent and pre-empt in the future analyze and interpret a complicated, simulated crisis situation and propose strategies and tactics which will determine the best possible outcome of the developing calamity during this 6-part table top exercise evaluate how destination's efforts to protect their (tourism) reputation reflect on the influence that the course's perspectives will have on your emerging career CurriculumFind out more about the course curriculum in this excel sheet. Please note that during the development of the course changes on the curriculum might be made.

Credits info
2 ECTS Based on a successful completion.

Fee info
EUR 750: Program fee (Including course materials and social program) EUR 600: DISCOUNT for students of NHTV as well as partner universities!


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