Russian Language
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The Russian Language Course is an initiative organised by Catherine%E2%80%99s College, at Tallinn University. The course programme consists of three parts %E2%80" language classes, a cultural programme and an additional study tour to St Petersburg, Russia (optional). It is a well-established fact that the best way to learn a foreign language is to visit a country where it is spoken. Estonia is on the threshold of the Russian Federation and the school takes advantage of this proximity. Estonia%E2%80%99s historical connection provides students with one of the best opportunities to learn Russian in the region. Our close ties with our neighbour allows us to make full advantage of resources from Russia %E2%80" the teachers in the course are all native speakers of Russian with degrees from universities in Moscow and St Petersburg, and they all use the most up-to-date teaching materials published in Russia.

Course leader
Mr. Dimitri Mironov

Target group
The course is suitable for students of Russian at all the levels, including complete beginners. It is ideal for students of political science majoring in the countries of the former Soviet Union. It is also perfect for those whose work or business is connected with Russia and the Russian language, and for anyone interested in Russian language and culture and appreciates the combination of high teaching standards with a fascinating cultural programme.

Course aim
The course offers one of the best possibilities to compare two former Soviet countries as well as learn Russian.

Credits info
5 ECTS Students are expected to attend 4 lessons a day. In order to get the summer school certificate, students have to participate in at least 75% of the classes and pass an exam at the end of the course.

Fee info
EUR 440: The price doesn't include cultural programme, accommodation and study trip to St. Petersburg. EUR 390: For students. The price doesn't include cultural programme, accommodation and study trip to St. Petersburg.

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