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An interdisciplinary course for contemporary young professionals.The Political Economy component will examine the structure and functions of the market economy, economic theories and economic strategies in real world political situations. Students also will discuss frameworks for developing and sustaining civil societies in the countries of the region. Present-day International development Issues and Challenges, discussions on the Intelligent World Economy are within the component.The Conflict Resolution / management component will examine the politics of international conflict management, the roles played by states and international organizations, and examine relevant concepts offered by a variety of theories from the social sciences. Concepts and theories will be tested with reference to real conflicts.The International Relations component includes Geopolitics, focused in the Mediterranean area related to the International Community, International Organizations with a focus on NATO, and the vision of Civil society involvement in decision making.The Leadership component is approached collectively and individually, to achieve a highly interactive - integrating personal awareness, affirmation, accountability and action adapted to real time, through systemic impact training on leadership, on national and international levels.Between lectures and discussions explore Chania and sense the spirit of the birthplace of Europe. Also all TIAAS students will take a part in the Chania - Med Forum ( )More information and how to apply: www.tiaas.orgApply now for your opportunity to live a unique experience through a legend and enjoy 3 weeks of learning and fun in Chania, Crete!For further questions drop a line to info [at] rn

Course leader
Dr. Aliki Mitsakos, M.D., Ph.D.

Target group
Ambitious perceptive Students of all disciplines and regions.

Course aim
The academic program explores major fundamental ideas of contemporary issues, from political economy to geopolitics and environment, conflict management, civil society and its roots of Plato, and a lot more. In addition to classes, students participate in dialogue designed to promote intercultural understanding. This combination of activities leads to an exchange of ideas that cannot be gained elsewhere and unexpected friendships that interlock the four corners of the world.The mission of the Academy is to enhance the leadership potential of outstanding young academics from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds and applying the principles of Socrates in education, engender value societies across the globe.

Credits info
6 ECTS Certificate.Up to 6 ECTS credits upon successful comletion.

Fee info
EUR 2900: Includes all onsite expenses:a. registration feeb. tuition and educational materialc. accommodation on campus in double A/C rooms with private facilitiesd. three meals per day (Cretan / Mediterranean cuisine)e. field trips f. special eventsg. Chania Med Forum participationh. Wi-FiTravel, visa, and personal expenses are not included.

A number of competitive scholarships for the program cost will be available on the basis of academic, leadership potential and need criteria.

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