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This modules serves as an introduction to the basic principles of value creation within a firm and the combination of different value creation entities in a portfolio.The aim of the second part of the module is to survey the major theories, tools and results in portfolio management.As the course emphasizes not only the theory, but also its practical application, by the end of this course, students are expected to have a good understanding of the asset management market, the financial instruments, and the market practitioners%E2%80%99 terminology.We also strongly recommend that students taking this course attend the presentation at the National Bank of Belgium scheduled in Brussels at the end of the program as it will provide them with an overview of European finance, including the budget of the European Union, European fiscal and tax policies, the European monetary policy and the Euro zone enlargement.

Course aim
After completing this course students will be able to:- Measure and manage portfolio risk and return- Select and monitor an investment and build a portfolio- Practically understand and apply asset pricing basicsTackled concepts/PrerequisitesStudents should be familiar with the notion of time value of money. Exam

Credits info
4 ECTS 4 ECTS - 2 US

Fee info
EUR 0: no tuition fees for exchange students from Audencia's partner institutions EUR 500: 500 euros/module for free movers


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