Wine Lovers' Hungarian Language and Culture
calendar_month 28 Sep 2015, 00:00
This is a two-week long period where the 30-class unit classic course melding language instruction with a broad range of cultural activities and wine tours to let the students know the wide range of Hungarian wine regions.

Course leader
Dr. Pter Szaffk (Director of Debrecen Summer School)

Target group
The course is designed to attract people from all walks of life who wish to study Hungarian and taste delicious Hungarian wines.

Course aim
1. To provide language education for international students from "absolute beginner" to "heritage speaker" levels;2. To give them opportunities to immerse themselves in a vast array of cultural, recreational, and entertainment activities.

Fee info
EUR 450: Tuition, including cultural activities. EUR 60: Registration fee (non-refundable).

University of Debrecen
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Postal code: 4032
City: Debrecen
Country: Hungary
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