Youth education and socialization: new problematics, from local to international
calendar_month 29 Iul 2015, 00:00
New problematics are emerging in the field of social sciences which call to youth tutoring, in and out of school. This course aims to enhance the context which prevents some phenomenon as gender discriminations, violence in school, youth delinquency, school dropout or multi-victimation for children with social and familial difficulties.

Course leader
The OUIEP team [the International and academic observatory on education and prevention] is composed of teachers and lecturers in education and sociology. We work on the area, the conditions and the mode to prevent some phenomenon as gender discriminations

Target group
This course is suitable for Bachelor and Master level students interested in Teacher education policy and social problematics.

Course aim
-Overviewing international comparison in social sciences.-Understanding how equality between men and women is institutionalized in different contexts or countries. -Gaining an insight into school's responsibility in truancy or school dropout.-Understanding the different impacts and the challenge of the treatment of cultural issues at school.-Gaining an insight into educational inequalities reviews-Making a personal portfolio inspired by group exchanges

Fee info
EUR 0: Early bird (all inclusive) until 15th March

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