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Publicat: 02 Iul 2008 | Vizualizari: 956

The Developing Leaders Day (DLD) has an overall theme of "leadership".
As most of the AIESEC members who attend this conferences will be the local leaders of each of our 14 local committees in AIESEC Romania and AIESEC Moldavia, their ability to lead, manage and inspire their people is critical to our success.

AIESEC in Romania works with the representatives of our main collaborators to agree upon the content and themes of each DLD. The content is a blend of competence needed by the delegates and the leadership competencies/viewpoint of the consortium members.

Participants: AIESEC members with 1 to 1,5 years experience in AIESEC.

Timeline: End of April 2007



În acest ”Test” este vorba cât de bine poți gândi. Deoarece unii greșesc la cele mai simple întrebări.Acesta este un așa numit „Test de Logică”.



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