Postdoctoral Research Positions in Cyber Security

We are looking for a few outstanding candidates for postdoctoral research positions to participate in our research program on Cyber Situational Awareness and Attack Prediction at the School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University,

PhD Scholarships in Humanities and Social Sciences

Political and social transformations are currently reshaping the European neighbourhood. Numerous countries in Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East as well as Central Asia are experiencing increasing social conflicts and economic

Doctoral Student-Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Department of Environmental Sciences The Department of Environmental Sciences is based at the Viikki campus in Helsinki and at the environmental campus in Lahti, thus forming a strong and broad

Open PhD positions at the International Max Planck Research School for Global Biogeochemical Cycles

The International Max Planck Research School for Global Biogeochemical Cycles (IMPRS-gBGC) located in Jena, Germany, offers fellowships to outstanding students interested in research on biogeochemical cycles in the Earth system. The school provides

Post doctor in economics with specialization in econometrics

The Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences currently have a 200-strong faculty which undertakes research and teaches within business administration, innovation processes and entrepreneurship, quality management and the

PhD student in mining and rock engineering, Improved resource efficiency through dynamic loading control

Lule University of Technology is one of Europe’s leading universities in mining and metallurgy. The University offers a unique, comprehensive research skills throughout the mining and quarrying chain - from exploration, mining, processing and

PhD Scholarships in Biomolecular Sciences

The PhD Program in Biomolecular Sciences at the University of Trento (ranked first in Italy on 2014) announces the selection of 9 positions, 7 scholarships. The Program is activated by the Centre for Integrative Biology (CIBIO). This is an unique

18 PhDs in the area of data science

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is an internationally renowned technical university located in the vibrant technological heart of the Netherlands with high tech companies such as Philips, ASML, NXP and DAF Trucks. The TU/e has an excellent

Miller Research Fellowship

Miller Fellowship Nominations are due no later than Wednesday, September 10, 2014. Invited nominees will be asked to complete an online application due no later than Friday, October 10, 2014. The Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science

Henry A. Kissinger Program in Foreign Policy and International Relations

The Kissinger Program establishes a non-partisan focus in the nation’s capital for the discussion of key issues in foreign affairs. The Program aims to serve as a catalyst for the fresh analysis of foreign affairs in the global era by