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Nisipurile de Aur

calendar_month 03 Apr 2013, 00:00
The name Golden sands comes from an old legend: Pirates diged in huge golden treasure in the seaside north from Varna. The land took revenge on the bandits and transformed the gold into wonderful sand.

Golden sands is famous with its nice golden sand and long beaches. The Black Sea beaches are covered with crystal clear sands. Because of its natural beauty, Bulgarian Black Sea coast has become famous international resort area.

The Golden sands resort is 18 kilometers north of the city of Varna and near the Golden Sands National Park. It is a magnificent resort, the largest one on the Northern Black Sea coast, with richly wooded hills, white golden beach and clear blue sea. There are lots of famous and ancient mineral water springs, which have a flow of 150 m/sec and were known already to the Thraciains and the Roman Caesars. The resort's beach strip is 3,5 km. long and up to 100 m wide.

The average air temperature in Summer is between 27-30 degrees and the water temperature is 25-28 degrees. Golden sands suits both sun-worshippers and sightseers being near by Varna - the third largest town in Bulgaria, the pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast with a great number of places of interest. The resort has wonderful conditions for recreation, entertainment, sport and spa treatment. It is a paradise for children and restful holiday for parents. It has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag international ecology prize several times.

It is a popular tourist destination, drawing many visitors from Romania, Poland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, Scandinavia, France, Central and Eastern Europe, the Persian Gulf, Israel, and other countries, attracted by the favourable climate, scenic landscape, and reasonable prices.


The summer season in the Golden Sands resort lasts form May through October with temperatures reaching around 30°C in mid summer. The tourists can enjoy 9-11 daily hours of golden sunshine with long days and cooler, breezy nights. The northern part of the Black Sea benefits from a mild climate with warm summers, which rarely get sizzling hot and moderate winters. The extremely hot days are eased by the forest of the National Park Reserve which runs parallel to the beach front. There are 300 sunny days a year and a few rainy days a month.

The maximum average daily temperatures in July and August tend to be the highest, reaching up to 30°C. June and September temperatures hover around 26°C, while May and October daily means are from 21- 22°C. The Black Sea water is warm and pleasant for swimming. The sands are among the cleanest in the country and the water is crystal clear.