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Vocabular de termeni financiari si business in limba engleza

calendar_month 10 Iun 2014, 00:00
Vocabular de termeni financiari si business.

Proiectul a fost redactat conform cerintelor de mai jos, utilizand termeni din engleza tradusi, cu definitia din dictionar plus exemplu si sursa.


Genuine texts to be read and processed in English from economic newspapers/magazines
Business vocabulary focus/ enhancement of business English jargon
Development of general knowledge in relation to economic/financial topics/subjects such as: management, managerial responsibilities, corporate culture, management styles, ethics in the workplace, dynamics of the modern workplace, employment trends, markets, marketing, advertising, finance, accounting, insurance, international trade, recruitment, business planning, etc.
Reading Focus+ Vocabulary Focus
Links provided by the teacher
Dictionary reference (in order to look up appropriate explanations in relation to the context the words/phrases have been found in)
Deadline: one week before the written test the project is turned in in an electronic format.