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Dear Isabella, On behalf of the entire team of Rosewood Publications, I would like to heartily congratulate you on your recent graduation from Texas University with Masters in Journalism. That you stood first in the department of Journalism is great news for all of us

English grammar

Substantivul Felul substantivelor Substantivele in limba engleza se pot imparti in patru categorii: - substantive comune: cat, girl, lamp - substantive proprii: England, London, Mr Smith, Mary - substantive abstracte: beauty, love, courage, fear, joy - substantive colective:

Women’s Social Mobility in the United States of America

We live in a world full of obstacles where it’s said that the one who is born poor will remain poor. Like many other country in the world the United States of America is also struggling with the difficulties regarding social mobility. The American dream is that the poorest


One of the greatest perks of working in a country other than your own is learning about the people and culture. Before you go to Ireland, learn some of the customs of the people. In your business dealings, being aware of implicit rules of etiquette will help in gaining the trust


Spending more and more time meeting with international clients and partners, businesspeople all over the world need to understand their culture, so as to have effective business relationships. If one is conducting business in Brazil, one has to keep in mind certain aspects. Many


Merchandising is a term we used in the last 10 years after management and marketing. Some people knew enough about a certain type of management, and some had heard something about marketing, but about merchandising nobody know nothing because it makes sense only in a context of

The cult of a healthy life

The cult of a healthy way of life is well-known from the old times. In fact, in Ancient Greece they devoted more time to the physical development of the children than it is used nowadays.   The interest in sport and good shape is becoming fashionable at the present time.

China vs. India - trade policies and practices

Since its last Trade Policy Review in 2006, China has continued to gradually liberalise its trade and trade-related policies, while eliminating tariff-rate quotas on some items and reducing the number of lines subject to automatic imports licensing requirements. For China, the

Britain Industry

Britain includes Great Britain (comprising England, Scotland and Wales) and Northern Ireland, and lies off the northwest coast of mainland Europe. It is 500 Km wide and nearly 1,000 km long. Its closest continental neighbors France and Belgium. It lies between latitudes 50o

Formal Letter

I am writing in response to your article about the lack of real fathers today. As far as I am concerned your opinion is wrong and I believe that there are a lot of fathers who take care of their children correctly. I have always felt that fathers who are interested about their

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