Referat Yetti

The Reports Begin Reports of a large, human like creature in the Himalayas  have been found as far back as 1832. In that year, B.H. Hodgson wrote in The Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal of a human-like biped that walked erect and was covered in dark hair. He stated

Referat The Yellowstone National Park

The Yellowstone National Park\\nHistoric Highlights of \\nthe Old Faithful Area\\nOld Faithful Historic District\\nThis designation applies to the developed area adjacent to Old Faithful Geyser, which contains many historic structures.\\nOld Faithful Inn\\nBuilt during the winter of

Referat Yalta, Casablanca, Potsdam

Yalta, Casablanca, Potsdam\\n\\n\\n\\n\\nThe most important meetings of the Second World War were held between the United Kingdom, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the United States of America. The most important gatherings of the rulers of these countries were at

Referat Opinions about Romania

Opinions about Romania\\n\\n\\n\\n\\nRomania is a country which never made a difference to the other nations of the world , due to the fact that it never had an independent history . The pages that have been written over the years with a history that we like to call ours are nothing

Referat World War 1

World War 1\\n\\nWorld War was a military conflict wich lasted from 1914 to 1918, that began as a local European war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia on July 28, 1914; was transformed into a general European struggle by declaration of war against Russia on August 1, 1914; and

Referat William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth (1770-1850), English poet, one of the most accomplished and influential of England's romantic poets, whose theories and style created a new tradition in poetry.\\n Wordsworth was born on April 7, 1770, in Cockermouth, Cumberland, and educated at Saint John's

Referat William Shakespeare

Shakespeare, William (1564-1616), English poet and playwright, recognized in much of the world as the greatest of all dramatists. Life A complete, authoritative account of Shakespeare’s life is lacking; much supposition surrounds relatively few facts. His day of birth is

Referat Was Arthur a king or just a battle commander?

Was Arthur a king or just a battle commander?\\n\\nExplorations in Arthurian History\\n\\nThe figure of Arthur begins as a war hero, the praises of whom are sung in war poems by the Celts and the Welsh. Y Gododdin celebrates one particularly brave warrior, then says he "was no

Referat What is Fashion?

What is Fashion?\\n\\nFor centuries individuals or societies have used clothes and other body adornment as a form of nonverbal communication to indicate occupation, rank, gender, sexual availability, locality, class, wealth and group affiliation. Fashion is a form of free speech.

Referat What is a genius?

Genius, in Roman mythology, a protecting, or guardian, spirit. It was believed that every individual, family, and city had its own genius. The genius rec eived special worship as a household god because it was thought to bestow success and intellectual powers on its devotees.

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