The cheetah

The cheetah is a special member of the cat family (Felidae) that is unique in its speed, while lacking climbing abilities. It is the fastest land animal, reaching speeds between 112 and 120 km/h covering distances up to 460 m, and has the ability to accelerate from 0 to 103 km/h

Advertising impact

Anyone knows and feels that we live in velocity, technology or communication ages, call it anyhow. The technological development is amazing and the real explosion of products that the companies try to place on the consumer society can be felt through  the advertising.


Tabel de expresii la engleza

Modal verbs

Main values / meanings Must - obligation imposed by the speaker Have to - obligation imposed by a situation (external obligation) Ought to - moral obligation denoting a duty, advice or a reasonable action

Profesion lawyer

The purpose of activating as a lawyer in the country is constituted by the promoting and defending the rights, liberties and legitimate interests of natural and legal persons. A Romanian lawyer can only be registered in one Bar Association and can only exercise his/her

education in england

Education is important in England, as it is Wales and Scotland too. British children are required by law to have an education until they are 16 years old.  Education is compulsory, but school is not,children are not required to attend school. They could be educated at home.

Opions the sport

I always liked sports. I have always lived with the belief that sport fits perfectly with the Latin phrase "Mens sana in corpore sano". Students have the opportunity to experience a variety of sports and sporting activities. They go from basic body movements for team

The importance of djectives

There are three types of adj that can be used to describe things / places: 1. adj of quality (adj proper): dry, golden, heavy, sqare, strange, steep, picturesque, rocky, massive, dark. 2. verbal adj. a) derived from present participles (having this effect): a singing  bird,

Human right in risk situation

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Being a single child

Hello. I would like to draw your attention on an over discussed topic: advantages and disadvantages of being an only child. Firstly, one important advantage of being an only child is that parents give children more attention, care and are able to give them whatever they wish

Teste Online

Te pricepi la profile online?

Profilul online a devenit deja o necesitate si nu e chiar usor sa ai unul atragator prin care sa cunosti noi oameni si de ce nu, sa gasesti sufletul p...

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