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Romania in the Second World War

Publicat: 29 Nov 2010 | Vizualizari: 1636

After the 1st World War, Romania was generally known as the Greater Romania, because of its great surface. Being among the winners of the war, our country was allowed by the great powers to unite all its historic regions in one big country. After 318 years, Romania was a whole again. Its surface was almost equal with the one of 1600 or with the strechings of the ancient thracian region of Dacia. It was having 295641 km2. The whole romanian people was included in just one state.

This made possible a great economic prosperity, Romania being one of the top countries in the world, with a booming industry. The romanian currency (the lion) was maybe as strong as any foreign currency. Romania was one of the top exporters in the world, massively exporting cereals(the breadbasket of Europe), petrol and even airplanes.

As in most european countries, Romania too was sensing the threat that was growing both from Germany and from the USSR. It was clear that the soviets will never give up Basarabia. That’s why Nicolae Titulescu, foreign affairs minister(and former president of the League of Nations) tried to get the soviets into negociations, to recognise Basarabia as part of Romania.



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