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Hot Stand by Router Protocol (HSRP) - Frequently Asked Questions

Publicat: 18 Aug 2006 | Vizualizari: 904

- Will the standby router take over if the active router LAN interface state is "interface up line protocol down"?
- Can I configure more than one standby group with the same group number?
- When an active router is tracking serial 0 and the serial line goes down, how does the standby router know to become active?

- If there is no priority configured for a standby group, what determines which router is active?
- What are the limiting factors that determine how many standby groups can be assigned to a router?
- Which HSRP router requires that I configure preempt?
- From reading the documentation it looks like I can use HSRP to achieve load−balancing across two serial links. Is this true?



În acest ”Test” este vorba cât de bine poți gândi. Deoarece unii greșesc la cele mai simple întrebări.Acesta este un așa numit „Test de Logică”.



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