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OSPF Frequently Asked Questions

Publicat: 18 Aug 2006 | Vizualizari: 897

- Why are loopbacks advertised as /32 host routes in OSPF?
- How do I change the reference bandwidth in OSPF?
- How does OSPF calculate its metric or cost?

- Are OSPF routing protocol exchanges authenticated?
- What is the link-state retransmit interval, and what is the command to set it?
- What is the purpose of the variable IP-OPSF-Transmit-Delay?
Is it true that only the static option of the virtual link in OSPF allows discontiguous networks, regardless of the mask propagation properties?



În acest ”Test” este vorba cât de bine poți gândi. Deoarece unii greșesc la cele mai simple întrebări.Acesta este un așa numit „Test de Logică”.



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