In acest curs se invata "Formulari legate de transport", precum: "Unde este gara?", "La gara/aeroport", "Vreau un taxi", "As dori un bilet pentru" etc


Acest curs are ca tema: "Substantive legate de transport". Se invata cuvinte precum: tren, un tren, trenul, trenurile, o masina etc. Se pune accentul atat pe asimilarea de vocabular cat si pe invatarea genurilor si a formelor de plural.


In acest curs se invata "Fraze de baza". Se pune accentul pe formulari precum: "Vreau", "Nu vreau", "Unde?", "Unde e baia?" etc


In acest curs de limba spaniola se invata "Bazele limbii spaniole". Se invata pronumele personale (eu, tu etc), pronumele de politete (dumneavoastra), demonstrative (acesta, aceasta), posesive etc.


In acest curs se invata substantive precum "vreme, ora, timp, dimineata" si formularile care au legatura cu aceste substantive. Se pune accentul pe adverbe temporale precum: un minut, o ora, o secunda, ora 8 si fraze precum "E ora 11", "E ora 8 si un


- application processes cooperate via logical connections - application processes are hosted by systems - systems are linked by physical interconnection media - a connection is realized as a composition of simpler functions - this induce the hierarchical structuring of the


This is an introduction to the Internet networking protocols (TCP/IP). It  includes  a  summary  of  the  facilities  available   and   brief descriptions of the major protocols in the family. Copyright  (C) 


Terminator - PC Network Interface Card T-Connector - Printer Network Interface Card T-Connector - PC Network Interface Card T-Connector - PC Network Interface Card Coaxial Cable Terminator - PC Network Interface Card


Networks have become a fundamental, if not the most important, part of today's information systems. They form the backbone for information sharing in enterprises, governmental and scientific groups. That information can take several forms. It can be notes and documents, data to


- Why are loopbacks advertised as /32 host routes in OSPF? - How do I change the reference bandwidth in OSPF? - How does OSPF calculate its metric or cost? - Are OSPF routing protocol exchanges authenticated? - What is the link-state retransmit interval, and what is the command


This chapter describes how to configure OSPF. For a complete description of the OSPF commands in this chapter, refer to the "OSPF Commands" chapter of the Network Protocols Command Reference, Part 1. To locate documentation of other commands that appear in this


People and businesses are increasingly relying on networked computer systems to support distributed applications. These distributed applications might interact with computers on the same local area network (LAN), within a corporate intranet, or anywhere on the worldwide


Aceasta prima faza a retelelor nu se baza pe o legatura fizica intre calculatoare. Mediul de comunicatie era discheta, iar viteza de transmisie era determinata de viteza de deplasare a utilizatorului de la un calculator la altul (de aceea erau necesari pantofii de sport).


This document gives an example of how to configure Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) in order to take advantage of multiple paths to a given destination. HSRP is often used to improve resiliency in networks, but this can cause a decrease in network efficiency. In the example


- Will the standby router take over if the active router LAN interface state is "interface up line protocol down"? - Can I configure more than one standby group with the same group number? - When an active router is tracking serial 0 and the serial line goes down, how



În acest ”Test” este vorba cât de bine poți gândi. Deoarece unii greșesc la cele mai simple întrebări.Acesta este un așa numit „Test de Logică”.



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