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Pentru amanunte privind configura-rea sistemului de operare revedeti arti-colul "Cum stati cu memoria?" semnat de Mircea Cioata n PC Report din august 1994. UMBFILES -ncarcarea tabelei SFT n memoria extinsa Cele doua programe prezentate n

POWER UP SEQUENCE SDRAM must be initialized with the proper power-up sequence to the following (JEDEC Standard 21C 1. Apply power and start clock. Attempt to maintain a NOP condition at the inputs 2. Maintain stable power, stable clock,

Pentru proiectarea unui sistem cu microprocesor sint necesare atit niste circuite care sa asigure memorarea permanenta a programelor, chiar si dupa deconectarea tensiunii de alimentare, astfel incit sa nu fie necesara reincarcarea lor la fiecare

People and businesses are increasingly relying on networked computer systems to support distributed applications. These distributed applications might interact with computers on the same local area network (LAN), within a corporate intranet, or

In the late 1960s, the U.S. Department of Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency, ARPA (later DARPA), began funding the ARPAnet, an experimental wide area computer network that connected important research organizations in the United States.

LINUX IS A MULTIUSER, multitasking operating system from the ground up, and in this regard the system administrator has flexibility - and responsibility - far beyond those of other operating systems. Now, Red Hat has employed innovations that extend

With the Internet much of a buzzword recently, and otherwise serious people joyriding along the \\\\\\\\Informational Superhighway," computer networking seems to be moving toward the status of TV sets and microwave ovens. The Internet is recently

Project Management has often been called the "accidental profession." That designation has come about due to the preponderance of PM practitioners who have found their way to this field, not through a structured education or career