The University of Sheffield’s postgraduate programme MA in Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations in Bucharest

Publicat: 11 Mai 2015 00:00

Become a marketing expert. Succeed in a world without borders.

If becoming an expert in Marketing to pursue a successful career is your goal, you now have the unique opportunity to achieve an internationally renowned postgraduate degree from one of the Top 100 universities in the world, the University of Sheffield while studying in Bucharest. Unleash your potential by joining the MA in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations.

Marketing is an exciting discipline to study and build a career on. The increase of international competition has led to a vital need for marketing expertise in all areas of business. Identifying this need, the University of Sheffield with its International Faculty, CITY College in cooperation with its partner institution in Romania, SNSPA, offer the opportunity to university graduates and professionals to pursue a University of Sheffield Master’s degree while studying in Bucharest.

The MA in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations fully prepares students for employment in the marketing area by offering in depth knowledge and specialisation. The primary aim of the programme is to develop effective marketing, brand, advertising and public relations specialists, equipped with knowledge and understanding of various marketing communication subjects at an advanced level.

Due to flexible delivery mode (2 years, classes 1 weekend per month) participants may combine work with study and build their career while pursuing postgraduate studies. Classes take place in English at the SNSPA campus in Bucharest.

View the detailed programme of studies.

Excellent career prospects in Europe and the world
The value and status of the University of Sheffield degree, as well as the valuable skills and knowledge gained during studies reflects the excellent career prospects that graduates of the MA in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations have in Europe and the world.

Excellent academic staff with international outlook
The course is delivered by an international team of academic experts and experienced practitioners while the programme are designed to provide all students with the skills and knowledge necessary to practice marketing in a global marketplace.

Innovative methodology - Moving from theory to practice
Throughout each academic year the academic programme is complemented by marketing events, company visits, lectures by successful Marketing Managers and many more. This combination of learning methods and activities offers students a good understanding of the marketing world, both from the theoretical and practical aspect.

Double degree
Upon successful completion of the programme graduates are awarded the MA in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations degree directly from the University of Sheffield. Graduates also receive the postgraduate degree from SNSPA by completing three additional units fulfilling the Romanian higher education requirement. For more information on the SNSPA degree, graduates may contact SNSPA directly.

But why Study Marketing?
Marketing is an active, interpersonal relationship career field that requires high energy and motivation. It is an ever changing area that adapts quickly to new technologies and new business challenges. Successful marketers should have good analytical, technical, communication and interpersonal skills. The curriculum of the Sheffield programmes is designed to help develop those skills. Besides being very interesting, the study of marketing leads to a variety of interesting and challenging career opportunities. Sheffield graduates will possess a thorough knowledge and understanding of the above areas and will have the ability to put those skills into practice. The depth of their knowledge and their specialisation enables them to pursue successful careers in marketing. Many Sheffield alumni are today very successful marketing managers all over the world.

Why study for the University of Sheffield MA in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations degree in Bucharest?

  • Gain a degree from one of Europe’s 25 Universities: the University of Sheffield degree
  • Live the true British educational experience in Bucharest.
  • Minimize your study costs
  • Excellent academic staff
  • A student-centred education
  • An impressive campus in Bucharest
  • Studies in English: An extra competitive advantage
  • Flexible delivery of classes (2 years, classes 1 weekend per month)
  • Join the Sheffield alumni network

What graduates of the MA in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations say:

“I chose the MA in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations because I wanted to study at an international level without having to leave Romania. I wanted a different teaching style where the theory would be combined with practice, giving the opportunity to practice the knowledge gained rather than acquiring knowledge that later proves to be useless Thus, I can say that I obtained what I wanted: quality education, theory combined with practice and professors that are also experts in their field.

Furthermore, I chose this programme because one of the units was Festivals and Events Management, a subject which is usually taught within Master programmes in the UK. I wanted to find out what lies behind organising an event whether it is a concert, festival or another type of event. And this is exactly what I received by attending this unit. In addition, I had the opportunity through the internships I took in parallel to the MA to find out that that what we were taught actually corresponds to the real world.

Through the knowledge I gained during this programme I also learned how to promote my own creations, as I like to paint on glass and decorate different objects. This is an idea that I have already started to put into practice as I wish to transform this hobby into a successful business in the future. ”
Catalina Boicu
MA in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

Useful links:
How to apply
Admission and application requirements (pdf)
Accreditation and recognition of the University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College

Representative office
of the University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College, in Romania
Tel: +(4021)315.27.23
Fax: +(4021)312.18.33

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