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The beginning of higher education in Targoviste dates back to the late Middle Ages, when the first Law School in Wallachia functioned between 1672 and 1678.
The officialisation and institutionalising of higher education in Targoviste is resumed after the Revolution of 1989, when the Technical and Economic University College and subsequently, VALAHIA University of Targoviste are established in 1991 and 1992 respectively, by the Government Act no.288 of 1-st June 1992.

The establishment of this university concords naturally with the conception of developing regional universities very common in European and North American states.
If at the time of its establishment the university comprised two faculties, a university college, fourteen university departements and about 700 students, during this academic year its structure has been diversified harmonionsly in accordance with the social and economic requirements of the work market, so at present VALAHIA University of Targoviste now comprises 8 faculties (long-term courses of 3 or 4 years), 3 university colleges (short-term 3 - year courses), 40 university specialisations, 6 departements (including the University VALAHIA of Targoviste library), postgraduate courses (Master''s degree courses), teacher training courses and distance learning courses.

At present, 10 000 students attend all forms of study under the competent guidance of over 400 teachers organised in 24 departments, benefiting from adequate learning facilities.
Apart from didactic and scientific research activities, University VALAHIA of Targoviste comprises centres of lifelong learning catering for the needs of the social and economic community it serves.

Our institution offers adequate social facilities (hostels, canteens, clubs, sportsgrounds) and at present, its own campus is under construction. University VALAHIA of Targoviste is concerned with accomplishing its mission within optimum parameters: quality learning and scientific, research, decent learning and living conditions European academic perspectives.

A Faculty means a long-duration form of education which offers theoretical and practical training.
A Faculty comprises specializations, departments, institutes, libraries, laboratories, research departments, technical workshops.
A Faculty benefits by university autonomy in the scientific, cultural, didactic, financial and administrative domains.
On the basis of its autonomy, a faculty designates its own academic administration in Keeping with the Charta regulations of VALAHIA University of Targoviste and with Faculty Regulations.
A Faculty is led by the Professors Council which works out the Faculty Regulations and settles the development of scientific research and academic studies.

VALAHIA University of Targoviste has 8 faculties in the domains of economics, administration, engineering, law, as well as theology, humanities and music:

* Faculty of Economics
* Faculty of Arts
* Faculty of Juridical Sciences
* Faculty of Sciences and Arts
* Faculty of Electric Engineering
* Faculty of Material Science, Mecatronics and Robotics
* Faculty of Environment Engineering and Biotechnologies
* Faculty of Theology

Master and Post-Graduate Studies

In addition to the short-term education (3 years) provided by the University College, or the long-term education (3 or 4 years) provided by the 8 faculties, VALAHIA University of Targoviste also organizes courses of Master and Post-Graduate Studies for the following specializations:

1. Economic Sciences
* Management of the organization
* Managerial accounting
* Banking and assurance management
* Business marketing
* Internal audit of private and public institutions
2. Juridical Sciences
* Romania si integrarea An structurile euro-atlantice
* Administratie publica europeana
* Dreptul afacerilor
3. Humanities Sciences
* Unitatea istoriei europene
* Calitatea mediului si fenomene geografice de risc
* Turism si activitati de timp liber
4. Electrical Engineering
* Modern systems of telecommunication, information processing and transmission
* Productica si informatica industriala
* Inginerie manageriala
* Surse regenerabile
5. Materials'' Science and Engineering
* Special Alloys
* The construction and stability of mechanical systems
6. Sciences
* Applied Physics
7. Biotechnologies and Environment Engineering
* Dezvoltarea durabila a zonei agromontane
* Food control and expertise
8. Theology
* History and cultural tradition
* Pastoral and mission
* The social mission of the church

VALAHIA University of Targoviste also organizes Doctoral Studies of: Materials'' Science and Engineering, History, Management, Accountancy.

Contact Information:

VALAHIA University of Targoviste

Address: Bd. Carol I, Nr. 2, 0200, Targoviste, Dambovita, ROMANIA

Tel. +40/245/206101
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