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Top ten things to do while studying abroad in... Italy

Imagine studying art where Michelangelo painted, drama in the lands of Romeo & Juliet, cooking in the home of pasta al dente and history in the lands where Roman ruins come to life. Choose to study abroad inItalyand your weekend trips could be to

Study abroad in Italy

Pasta, pizza and gelati - Italy is a country of great food, great weather, and is fast becoming an ever-more popular study abroad destination with some of the world's top universities. Country overview For centuries, Roman culture and language

Top ten things to do while studying abroad in...Hong Kong

It may be one of the most densely populated places in the world but that just adds to the Hong Kong experience. Rich in history, culture, heritage and architecture, not to mention retail outlets, entertainment and cuisine, this small island nation,

Study abroad in Hong Kong

With English language university degrees becoming more popular by the day and top universities featuring in the THE - QS World University Rankings, Hong Kong is becoming an increasingly popular destination for international students to study abroad.

Top ten things to do while studying abroad in... Finland

Located at Europe's northern peak,Finlandis a country of intriguing quirks so much so that there is even an official term coined to market the nation's unique sense of the bizarre:Finnwacky. While the Finnwacky stereotype doesn't begin to do justice

Study abroad in Finland

Finland is becoming a popular study abroad destination, with its education system recognized in the QS World University Rankings and it's lifestyle appealing to students from all over the globe. Country overview Finland, which is part of the EU,

Top universities from Canada retain high positions in world university rankings

Canadian universities have maintained stability in their performance in the QS World University Rankings. QS Top Universities takes a closer look at the results. Canada boasts 12 universities in the world's top 200 universities, according to the

Top ten things to do while studying abroad in... Canada

Stretching from Niagara Falls up towards Greenland and the North Pole, Canada is the world's second largest country. This gigantic landmass contains some of the world's most stunning natural scenery, not to mention many exciting outdoor pursuits

Study abroad in Canada

Canada is a country of natural beauty from coast to coast - with endless landscapes of mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and plains. This really is the great outdoors. Canada is the second largest country in the world, spanning six time zones.

The eight Oxbridges of Australia

Australia's universities are recognized globally for their relevance and the high quality of their courses. Though it has a relatively small population ofjust over 21 million, Australia ranks third in the English-speaking world behind the United