calendar_month 24 Oct 2007, 00:00
Is the first winter school in Romania, which introduces you to the interesting theme of the "Financial failure of major corporations". This event attracts students from all over the world, for a week of debates about the latest problems in the audit, finance, stock exchange and law.
The winter school will take place between 2nd to 9th of December 2007 at Hotel Alexandros, in Busteni, Romania. This project is aimed at bringing up to date information, and also to create a very strong balance between the theoretic terms and their practical appliance.
This balance will be assured by our academic schedule, which contains lectures and also workshops.
How to apply?
In order to apply to ISE - FE 2007, download the student application form from the web-site www.iseconomics. ro, fill it in and send it to our email address application@ iseconomics. ro, stating that the email contains an application. Also, in order to be considered for application, you should attach an essay on "Financial failure of major corporations" which has to be no more than 2 pages.
5 scholarships will be awarded to the 5 best essays on „What went wrong at Enron?”, and essay must have at least 4 pages. In your essay, you will have to explain the financial, accounting and law implication of the famous scandal.
The essay must be attached to the student application form and must be sent until November 15, 2007.