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Scholarship / Financial aid: available
Date: 9 months beginning with 2009 fall
Deadline: December 15th, 2008
Open to: doctorate students

Announcement follows:
Chateaubriand Fellowships allow you to:
-conduct research in France and/or
-work under the supervision of a professor in a French university or research institution and/or
-attend seminars of a specific professor at a French university

Each year, France offers Chateaubriand Fellowships to doctorate students in various fields: anthropology, art history, economics, history, international relations, linguistics, literature, musicology, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology, etc.

-Candidates must be pursuing a Ph.D. in the Humanities or Social Sciences
-Candidates do not have to be U.S. citizens but must be enrolled in an American university*
-Candidates must obtain a letter of invitation from a French university, a Grande Ecole or a research institution before applying
-No particular level of French is required, though most students need a certain level in order to conduct their research (* French citizens are not allowed to apply)

-necessity to be in France for an extended period of time
-quality and originality of proposed research project
-choice of an appropriate French professor for the candidate’s research proposal
-letters of recommendation
-letter of invitation
-curriculum vitae, list of publications, and academic transcripts

-Evaluation process: from January to February
-Decision announced in March
-The fellowship begins in fall and ends 9 months later

DEADLINE: December 15th, 2008



În acest ”Test” este vorba cât de bine poți gândi. Deoarece unii greșesc la cele mai simple întrebări.Acesta este un așa numit „Test de Logică”.



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