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Master Scholarships in Economics and Finance CEMFI, Madrid, Spain
Scholarship / Financial aid: scholarships for living expenses amounting up to EUR 10,000 per year
Date: two years
Deadline: 7 April 2008
Open to: postgraduates in economics and finance

Announcement follows:

The basic graduate offering at CEMFI consists of its Master in Economics and Finance and its PhD program in Economics. Unlike many Master programs in the US and elsewhere, ours is self-contained and offers a well respected qualification.

CEMFI grants a subset of its Master students exemptions from the tuition fee and/or scholarships for living expenses amounting up to EUR 10,000 per year. They are granted according to academic merit. Also, the FundaciAn Carolina, in cooperation with the FundaciAn BBVA, has endowed four scholarships for Latin American students of the Master. These scholarships amount to 1,200 euros per month for housing and subsistence, over 19 months, plus 2 additional months for students who participate in a Summer internship program. They also cover the Masteras tuition, travel expenses and medical insurance.

An important distinguishing feature of our Master is that it lasts for two years, the second being essential for shaping the skills of our graduates, as follows.
First year: Basic graduate course work and some optional subjects.
Second year: Specialized courses and research training through a Master thesis. Our ratio of students to faculty is between four and five. Thus we can devote a lot of attention to each student. This is particularly important for the Master thesis, where the faculty provides guidance to a unique degree.

Members of CEMFIas faculty publish in top journals and are research leaders in their fields. They also edit prestigious journals and are key players at leading learned societies such as the European Economic Association and the Econometric Society.

Our Master students get very good jobs as economists. For example, in positions dealing with portfolio and risk management, macroeconomic forecasting, policy evaluation, or microeconomic consultancy. Our reputation is 20 years old and CEMFI provides a strong signal of quality, regularly confirmed by the market. Moreover, we run an experienced and efficient job placement service.

Students interested in furthering their research training, either because they aim at a professional career with a stronger research content or because they aim at an academic position, will continue to develop their research skills for another three years and complete the PhD program. Papers from CEMFIas dissertations have been published in top journals and we have an excellent record in the PhD job market.

Admission to PhD dissertation work at CEMFI is through the Master. All students admitted to the PhD program obtain a scholarship, either from an external source or from CEMFI.

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Application deadline: 7 April 2008