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Publicat: 10 Sep 2008 | Vizualizari: 1742

University of Luxembourg, Luxemburg
Scholarship / Financial aid: available
Date: 3-years contract
Deadline: 30 September 2008
Open to: see Profile please

Announcement follows:
PhD student (assistant) in Systems Biology (M/F)
Application End: Tuesday 30 September 2008
The University of Luxembourg has a vacancy in its Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication for a Assistant- PhD student (Doktorand) in Systems Biology / Life Sciences
3-years contract, renewable starting October 2008 (or later)
Research area: Systems Biology - Life Sciences
Systems biological methods shall be used to investigate the systemic properties of inflammatory signalling networks in mammalian cells.
Inflammation is a fundamental response of virtually all multi-cellular organisms to infection and injury. It is led on by a variety of signal transduction pathways tightly regulated and linked to other cellular events like apoptosis and proliferation. Strict regulation of this
process is essential as errors can result in clinically relevant disorders like infection and sepsis, therosclerotic disease and others.
The large number of participating components, their dependencies and multiple stimuli make the analysis of this signalling network difficult. Therefore a Boolean (logical) model of inflammatory signal transduction pathways shall be developed based on the current
published knowledge and own experimental data aiming at a holistic (systems oriented) view. One focus will be on regulatory interactions between network components under different input-output settings and prediction of signalling scenarios in knock-out experiments. The
project aims at the prediction and verification of experimental data, the examination of the structure and hierarchy of the inflammation signalling networks and the relevance analysis of the contained components.
- Prepare a PhD in Systems Biology
- Contribute to the teaching activities of the Faculty, especially in
Systems Biology
- Diploma or Master in Life Sciences (Biology), Biotechnology,
Engineering orcomparable
- Preferably the candidate should have a strong background in cell
biology or systems biology.
- Good written and oral English skills are obligatory, working
knowledge in German and/or French is an advantage.
- research within an up-to-date field
- exciting interdisciplinary environment
- competitive remuneration
For further information, please contact:
Thomas Sauter
University of Luxembourg
162a, avenue de la Faiencerie
L-1511 Luxembourg
Office: Campus Limpertsberg
Tel: +49 711 6856 6611
Url :
Interested candidates are asked to send their full application (letter of motivation, detailed CV, copies of diploma, photo) until September 30th, 2008 by e-mail to
The University of Luxembourg is an equal opportunity employer.



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