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Scholarship / Financial aid: unknown
Date: one year with a possibility for prolongation up to four years
Deadline: 15 August 2008
Open to: University graduates with degree in (physical) chemistry and/or physics

Announcement follows:
Job description
Project description:
General wisdom considers conversion of methane on a nickel catalyst as mostly hindered by a high reaction barrier to cleaving the first C-H bond on a clean patch of the metal. We will study an alternate reaction mechanism that involves recombinative desorption of H2 from a direct reaction of CH4 with pre-adsorbed hydrogen. Investigation of this Eley-Rideal type mechanism uses a combination of newly developed experimental methods on flat and stepped surfaces of nickel and platinum. Our studies intend to determine how this direct reaction path compares to activation on the bare surface and whether step sites, vibrational excitation of methane, and surface temperature are of importance.
Research is fully experimental and will be performed within the research group Catalysis and Surface Chemistry (CASC) at the Leiden Institute of Chemistry. It employs state-of-the-art ultra high vacuum equipment, supersonic molecular beam techniques, metal single crystals, LEED, AES, and TPD.

Research environment:
The Catalysis and Surface Chemistry group is headed by prof. dr. Marc Koper and spans electrochemistry (both experimental and theoretical), heterogeneous catalysis and gas-surface reaction dynamics. This research project is performed under supervision of dr. Ludo Juurlink in collaboration with prof.dr. Aart W. Kleyn. We collaborate with prof. dr. Rutger van Santen at the Technical University/Eindhoven, where theoretical research complements the experimental work performed at Leiden University.
Required education/skills:University Graduate
We are searching for an ambitious candidate with a recent MSc. degree in (physical) chemistry and/or physics.
The ideal applicant has experience with (ultra)high vacuum technology, worked with macroscopic single crystals, a solid background knowledge in fundamental surface science, and a technical affinity, as complex UHV equipment is used which requires some modification for planned experiments.

Job type: Research / Advising
Workfield(s): - Teaching & Research(Scientific discipline: Natural Sciences)
Leiden University
Conditions of employment
Employment basis: Temporary for specified period
Duration of the contract: For a period of one year with a possibility for prolongation up to four years.
Maximum hours per week: 38
Additional Information
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Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Leiden Institute of Chemistry
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