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Scholarship / Financial aid: fully-funded PhD position !
Date: four years starting 1 October 2008
Deadline: undefined
Open to: Applicants that have a first degree in physics at the 2(i) level or abov

Announcement follows:
Lancaster University invites applications for a fully-funded PhD position in its Department of Physics.
The successful applicant will join the largest low temperature group in the UK in one of the best physics departments in the country, graded 5*A in the last national Research Assessment Exercise. He/she will participate in topical studies of critical phenomena in and on liquid helium, including studies of quantum excitations and capillary turbulence on the surfaces of both liquid 4He and liquid 3He in the ultra-low-temperature limit. The work has wide interdisciplinary implications, including e.g. to space science and the mysterious creation mechanism of the giant rogue waves that occasionally appear on the ocean and endanger shipping.
The project involves collaborative research with ISIS at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. It is based on the unique combination of neutron reflection, ultralow temperature sample environment, and the deeply quantum nature of the helium isotopes. The PhD student will be based in Lancaster, but will participate in and help to develop the experiments at ISIS. Thus he/she will conduct low and ultra-low temperature experiments, work with quantum fluids and neutron facilities, gain wide experience in cryogenic engineering, learn the diverse experimental and theoretical methods required by the professional physicist, and be a part of a multidisciplinary research team. There will be opportunities to visit our collaborators at the ISSP in Chernogolovka, near Moscow, and for participation in international conferences.
This studentship, for up to four years, will be available from 1 October 2008 or as soon as possible thereafter. It provides a stipend at the standard EPSRC rate of GBP 12,600 per annum. Full funding is available for UK or EU nationals. Applicants should have a first degree in physics at the 2(i) level or above, or equivalent qualification in physical science.

For further information, contact:
Professor Peter McClintock ( ) or
Dr Andrei Ganshyn ( )

Please include a CV with your enquiry.