calendar_month 19 Nov 2007, 00:00
The CIR (Italy-Rumania Cooperative) Programme on Environment Research and Training intends to launch a call for applications in order to select a limited number of qualified Romanian students to attend Masters programs or Training Courses at Italian Universities and other Institutions.

Courses and Masters topics are required to cover one of the following scientific topics:

* sustainable development,

* sustainable management of the natural resources,

* climate change issues

* climate change economic modelling,

* extreme climate events, their changes in frequencies and intensities,

* assessment of the climate change impacts on agriculture, energy distribution, tourism and public health,

* management strategies of these risks and extreme events warning

Fellowships are available in order to cover the tuition expenses, the travel expenses at the beginning and at the end of the studies, and the living expenses (about 1200 Euro per months after taxes) up to 12 months.

The chosen Master or Training Course has to be attended within September 2009.

Only candidates from Romania can apply.

Courses and Masters can be directly proposed by the applicants. A selection of courses and masters can be found below as a reference. It has to be noted that each course and master can have specific admissions requirements that have to be satisfied by the candidate.

Most of the available courses/Masters are conducted in Italian, participants should have an adequate working knowledge of that

language if necessary.

To apply please send to contacts below curriculum vitae and half a page describing the actual position currently covered within the field of interest of the chosen course/Master, clearly stating the course/Master title, related application deadline and website.

Deadline for applications: 29 December 2007

Mr. Sergio Castelari


Mrs. Giulia Galluccio