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Defining Nouns

calendar_month 10 Iul 2015, 00:00
I chose as the theme for the noun seems very interesant. In English, the noun does not decline. Its shape changes only to form plural number. English uses many nouns forming units arranged in a row with the role of adjective ´noun modifiers´ called.

This compound nouns can appear very long and hard translated into Romanian by adjectives. Therefore, the translation can be used prepositions or more adjacent sentences.

´Nouns modifiers´ from "Gramatica limbii engleze contemporane" - Baby food = mancare pentru copii, car keys = chei de maşina, action movie hero = erou de filme de actiune, one little beer mug = halba de bere de un litru, apartament lease agreement = contract de inchiriere a apartamentului, capital income tax report = declaratie fiscala pentru taxele din venituri capitale, family house fire insurance = asigurare de casa impotriva incendiilor, world class football player = fotbalist de renume mondial, vegetable fibre dog food = hrana cu fibre vegetale pentru caini, fresh human blood cell analysis = analiza celulelor din sangele uman proaspat recoltat, evening beginners table tennis lessons = lectii serale de tenis de masa pentru incepatori.

A noun is that part of speech used as the name of a person, an animal, a place, a job title, a thing, an action, a quality, a state. Nouns can function as - the subject of a verb, the direct object of a verb, the indirect object of a verb, the object of a preposition, the complement of the verb ´to be´, an apposition and as direct address.

Look at the following compound nouns from ´English Grammar and Practice for Advanced Learners, A Text-Based Approach´ - door-knocker, bottle-opener, nut-cracker, pair-bonding, coal-mining, window dresser, sight-seeing, fortune-seeking, coffee-grinder, snow-blower, glass-cutter, skz-scraper, garbage-disposal, blood-grouping, tax gatherer, city planning, wigmaker, child-minder, team teaching, woolgathering, tongue lashing, vampire slayer, holiday - maker, bodice-ripper, tearjerker, draft dodger, matchmaker, cliffhanger, blockbuster, gold digger, home-maker, fortune-teller, breadwinner, window-shopper.

Here are some movie titles based on compounds - ´Blade Runner´, ´The Sin Eater´, ´Hellraiser´, ´Ladykillers´, ´The Homecoming´, ´The Song Catcher´, ´Dreamcatcher´, ´Ghostbusters´, ´The Body Snatchers´, ´The Horse Wisperer´, ´Dragonslayer´, ´The Deer Hunter´, ´Spring Breakers´, ´Jack the Giant-Slayer´.