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Publicat: 21 Aug 2006 | Vizualizari: 1107

Few people who use computers have not heard of Linux. Linux is at the heart of a revolution that is fundamentally changing many aspects of the way software is written and delivered. It remains to be seen where this will ultimately lead. Far less nebulous is the Linux penetration into the scientific calculation arena, or more specifically, its use in High-Performance Computing clusters. This redbook will guide system architects and systems engineers through a basic understanding of cluster technology, terms, and Linux High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters. We discuss some of the design guidelines used when architecting a solution and detailed procedures on how to install and configure a working Linux HPC cluster.

This redbook documents the building of a Linux HPC cluster on IBM^ xSeries hardware. Using this approach, and building a type of Beowulf cluster, we can achieve dramatic performance at a fraction of the price of previous solutions.

This redbook will also teach you the concepts and principals needed to build your own HPC cluster. The installation process is streamlined and simplified by the extensive use of scripts. Management tools are provided to easily manage a large number of compute nodes that remotely use the built in features of Linux® and the advanced management capabilities of the IBM^ xSeries Service Processor Network.



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