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About Erasmus University
Erasmus University Rotterdam is an international knowledge workshop for critical thinking and academic training, driven by a strong focus on current social issues. The university concentrates its expertise on issues of management, organisation and policy in the public and private sectors on the one hand, as well as on the field of sickness and health care.
Erasmus University Rotterdam has bundled its education and research in three domains (link) in which the university has a national and international reputation to maintain:

* Economics and Management;
* Medicine and Health Sciences;
* Law, Culture and Society.

The university counts as its core tasks: to generate knowledge from research, to share knowledge in education and to transfer knowledge to the community. Its driving forces are academic curiosity, critical reflection and social engagement.

The principal tasks of Erasmus University Rotterdam are the generation and transfer of knowledge proceeding from a high degree of social engagement. To this end, the university pursues knowledge in an inquiring, critical, investigative and flexible manner, with a strong international orientation and based on the values of professionalism, teamwork and fair play.

Faculties and Schools
* Erasmus School of Economics
* Faculty of Social Sciences
* Erasmus School of Law
* Erasmus MC
- Institute of Health Policy and Management
* Faculty of Philosophy
* Faculty of History and Arts
* RSM Erasmus University

Contact persons Media Relations
Ms. Sandra van Beek MA (present: tuesday, thursday, friday)
Ms. dr Yvette Nelen (present: monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday)
Phone: +31 10 408 1216
Faculty press contacts
Website: Erasmus University

Erasmus School of Law
Department Marketing Communication and Information
Ms. Veronique Slenders
Room L5-25
Telephone +31 10 408 1571

Faculty of Social Science
Ms. Marjolein Kooistra
Room M7-30
Telephone +31 10 408 2135
Fax +31 10 408 9103

Faculty of Philosophy
Piet Molendijk MSc
Room H5-23
Telephone +31 10 408 8980/8993
Fax +31 10 408 9030

Erasmus MC and Institute of Health Policy and Management
Team Press and Science Communication, department Communication Erasmus MC
Room Fe 320
Telephone +31 10 703 3289

RSM Erasmus University (former Faculty of Business Administration)
Media & Public Relations Manager
Ms. M. Schouten MA
Room T6-38
Telephone +31 10 408 2877
Fax +31 10 308 9020