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Study abroad in France

If you can find the right weather, you'll be able to enjoy outdoor activities all year round in France, a country of diverse geography. France has it all, from picturesque countryside, to pearl white beaches, the wine-growing valleys of Loire to the

Top ten things to do while studying abroad in... Denmark

Hamlet famously declared something to be rotten in the state of Denmark, but nowadays it seems nothing could be further from the truth. If opinion studies are to be believed, Denmark is the happiest nation on earth. Danes enjoy an unusually

Country Guide to Denmark

The country's been nominated as having the happiest people in the world. It's home to the little mermaid, has a history of Vikings and its capital city's restaurants boast the most Michelin stars of any Scandinavian city. Find out why local and

Student life in Denmark

TU Denmark: Student Profile of Thomas Madsen Thomas Madsen enjoys the academic atmosphere of Aarhus University in Denmark and the student parties 'aren't half bad either', he tells Studying for a Masters degree in Social

Top ten things to do while studying abroad in...Belgium

Famous for its beer and waffles, Belgium is a country that is often underestimated. Situated at the crossroads of Europe bordering France, Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg this small nation of ten million people is in fact a political hub,

Study abroad in Belgium

Country overview Home of the European Union (EU) and NATO, Belgium, home to about 10.5million people,is an international country within a small geographical space.Bordering both France and the Netherlands, the country's official languages are Dutch,

UK - USA student exchange programs

When friends and family came to visit Rory Carroll they had to bring Branston pickle and baked beans with them. That was what he missed of the UK while spending a year studying abroad in the US.Rory, an American Studies graduate took part in a study

Top ten things to do while studying abroad in...the UK

The UK is a small nation with a big history, an influential culture, and a massive reputation as a study abroad destination, owing in part to a plethora of world-class universities. The regions of the UK vary as much as its accents and dialects from

Record A Level results spark rush for Clearing places

The wait is over for thousands of school leavers in England and Wales, as record A Level results saw the overall pass rate rise for the 28th consecutive year. The results have sparked a rush for the few remaining places available through Clearing,

UK universities in the 2010 QS World University Rankings

Danny Byrne takes a closer look at how the UK's top universities performed in the 2010 QS World University Rankings The UK university sector may be braced for the effects of government spending cuts in the coming year but as the 2010 QS University